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Powers and Abilities

Haruo Niijima exists in a world where martial artists can do superhuman feats, though what stands out about Niijima are his weird alien abilities and mental prowess. Niijima is incredibly perceptive and can tell alot about a person by observing them for brief moments and can often get information, not usually obtainable from such short periods of time. Niijima often knows a persons strengths, weakness, blood type, and personal information through his Niijima scan technique. This perception is enhanced with Niijima superhuman sensory abilities that are exaggerated to an extreme. Haruo Niijima was able to detect Boris Ivanov's Russian soldiers hidden through the forest, earning him praise from Boris as a result. Niijima was even able to detect locked on missiles at one point.

Beyond his sensory abilities Niijima has some engineering and programming skill being shown building a computer from scrap, designing the Shinpaku Alliance's website with security that even Loki from the 8 Deadly Fists was able to break, Creating elaborate traps from rubble and scrap while on the run, and even designing the case for his PDA which is strong enough to resist Kenichi's attempts to break it. Niijima has also trained the non fighting members of the Shinpaku Alliance in espionage and information gathering to add to his network of contacts and sources of information.

Even still Niijima is a master manipulator, liar, deceiver, leader, and tactician. Niijima with enough time can basically get anyone to do anything through general persuasion or blackmail. Niijima would often bribe Miu with her favorite treat to get progress updates on Kenichi's training, Uses sweets to change Chikage Kushinida into her more docile child mode, And manipulated most members of the Shinpaku Alliance into joining in the first place.

Niijima is no slouch on the athletic side either though only in specific situations. Niijima is no martial artist, but his evasion and self preservation skills equal an expert and he has even dodged a sword strike from a master class fighter. Niijima can duck and dodge attacks in an entire crowd of Ragnarok thugs. His running away speed allows him to outpace even Kenichi and Siegfired described him as the fastest swimmer he had ever seen. His swimming skill was later proven when he came fourth in the school camp swim competition only being beaten by Kenichi, Ethan Stanley, and Boris Ivanov, who are all disciples of excellent martial art masters.


  • Instant Trap - Niijima is able to create traps from rubble, scrap and whatever else he can kind on the battlefield. This is often done while running at high speeds away from his opponent.
  • Kappa River Escape - Niijima will often dive into the nearest body of water, be it a lake, river, or sewer, to get away from his opponent. Niijima was ranked fourth in his schools swimming contest only coming behind Ethan Stanley, Boris Ivanov, and Kenichi Shirahama, all of who are high class disciples under impressive masters.
  • Niijima Brainwash - Niijima through repetitive reasoning over time can convert anyone into his way of thinking. The effect is flawless for as long as it is consistent from beginning to end. When Niijima uses this skill on a single person, the two arrow-head antennas on his head pop up and latch their tips on to the top of the victim’s head.
  • Niijima Combo - Niijima uses pepper spray to blind an opponent then strikes them n the face with a baton.
  • Niijima Eye - One of Niijima's Signature techniques, Niijima concentrates and stares at his opponent and gathers as much information as he possibly can by "scanning" them and creates a mental dialog of his opponent's strengths and weaknesses based on opservation and intuision, which allows Niijima to better predict how his opponent is going to fight. Niijima can use this technique on pretty much any person as long as they are not a master class fighter. An upgraded version is used shortly before Kenichi's battle with Tirawit, which he calls Niijima Eye-EX.
  • Niijima Scan - An upgraded, wide range version of Niijima’s infamous scanning technique, by using this technique Niijima is capable of gathering a large amount of information of multiple people at once. By carefully observing their movements and reactions he can effectively gather any kind of information from them, ranging from combat prowess to a person's interest. This technique only works on expert or lower class fighters as master class causes it to fry.
  • Niijima Style: 90-Degree Angle Turn - Niijima while running is able to turn a complete 90-degree angle with out slowing down or losing momentum. This is often used in conjunction with his other abilities or while just running away to confuse his opponent.
  • Niijima Style: Accusation Eyes - An interrogation technique where Niijima stares at an opponent to get the truth out of them. This was used on Hermit.
  • Niijima Style: Four Steps at Once - A technique where Niijima will run down stares four steps at a time to stay ahead of his opponent.
  • Niijima Style: Revolving Colony Ukemi - While falling, Niijima flings himself over another person (an ally) and then, after delicately circling his arms around that individual, uses himself as a means to lessen the freefall impact to that other person by rotating around of each other and then using his own body to cushion the impact. Thereby channeling all the impact upon hitting the ground to himself, rather than to the recipient.
  • Niijima Stlye: Shedding Technique - Niijima while being grabbed by an opponent will shed a layer of clothing each time he is grabbed. This allows him to get away while also psychologically manipulating his opponent. Niijima will also run through crowds and scream that he is being chased by a pervert to further manipulate his opponent.
  • Niijima Style: Ultra Kneel Down - A dodging technique where Niijima gets really close to the ground. Niijima used this to dodge a master level fighter's sword strike.
  • Psychokinesis - By concentrating all of his energy and wishing really hard, Niijima can actually change the flow of any situation and create a miracle. This technique does not always work. In fact, it almost never works the way he wants it to and only a combination of luck and fate can decide whether or not his wish will actually come true.
  • Shadowless Charge from the Leap - Niijima basically grabs a nearby person and use him/her as an scapegoat to substitute for himself to prevent himself from getting hit.

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