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Haruka Kaminogi is the main characters of the anime Noein: Mō Hitori no Kimi e. She is an 8 year old girl living in Haktodate with her divorced mother Asuka Kaminogi. Her father Takuya Mayuzumi is a scientist working in the field of quantom physics.

Sightings of mysterious ghostly figures in capes compel Haruka and her friends to go ghost hunting. They plan a trip. It is here they meet Dragon Knights. A battle erupts between two of them Karasu and Atori. Haruka later found out that it was she they were after. Something called Dragon Torc was inside her and they meant to extract it.

After a couple of Encounter, Haruka's will to excape teleports them to Karasu's dimension Lach'rima where he is imprisoned for killing a teammate and disobeying orders. Haruka is taken in, for preperation to extract Dragon Torc. Haruka escapes and with Karasu returns to Earth.

An interdimensional being seeks to take Haruka in to his own universe and invades Harukas timespace. Using her Ultimate Observer powers and Dragon Torc, she manages to reject the quantom being. It was realized that she herself is one, although more along the lines of being an anomaly. It is never explained how Haruka came to be the host of Dragon Torc.


Dragon Torc: Usually activates when Haruka is in life threatening dangers, Dragon Torc is an immensely powerful entity (according to Noein), with the power to alter reality on a multi-dimensional scale. This was displayed when she was attacked multiple times by Dragon Knights, the Dragon Torc which appears as a necklace created an imbalance in the dimensional warp, destablizing it and forcing the Dragon Knights to be pulled back. In another instance, Dragon Torc directly influences the Quantom monitor (a device the Dragon Knights were using to travel across dimensions), to forcufully pull out the Dragon Knights, thus eliminating the threat entirely.

Multiverse Substitution: Haruka can take an object from one universe and change it with that of another. This was displayed when she changed a dam from the present universe with one on another.

Reality Rejection and Approval: Haruka is an Ultimate Observer. She controls quantom probability. This means, she has the power to decide what exists and what what doesn't. She displays this when she rejected Noein from her own plane of existence. Noein being a multiversal being that has absorbed many universes, the feat itself is incredible.

Dimensional Teleportation: Haruka can teleport herself or people, or herself and people across universe and dimension.


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