Haru Glory

    Character » Haru Glory appears in 42 issues.

    Haru is the second Rave Master. He uses the Rave and the Ten Power sword (a.k.a the Deca Force Sword) and he travels with the Rave Masters while Protecting her from Sieg Hart and Demon Card.

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    Haru is a 16 year old boy living on Garage Island with his sister Cattleya Glory. when haru was born his father left and soon after his mother passed away him now training every day so he can protect his sister. One day while Haru was fishing he caught a mysterious looking animal which he thought was a fish till his sister decided it was a dog cause it had four legs and made noises. Soon after that he meets a man named shiba thats when he gains the power of The Rave and with it Super Strength, Super Speed, Heart, and Plue (the dog thing)after acquiring The Ten Powers Sword he then defeats a member of Demon Card who could turn his skin to steal. After the battle the Ten Power sword breaks in half. Now deciding to leave the island he goes to serech out musica the black smith. Soon after finding land he find a mysterious girl named Elie after elping her get out of the city she takes him to Punk street to find musica in which he finds out is a legendary black smith now turned drunk because of his terrible passed involving Lance the beast master which is a member of the demon card. While Haru is talking with Musica the drunk Elie finds a younger musica which we find out is the leader of the infamous silver-rythem gang know for stealing from the Demon Card when Haru meets him he is told that the musica he meet could be a fake going back to musica the drunk's house a member of the demon card under command of lance is attacking musica.

    with harus help he defeats the big man and musica agrees to reforge Haru's sword so he can defeat lance

    Haru agrees not only because Elie was kidnapped by him but because Musca now blacksmith(again)reviles the Lance killed his entire family with the sword the Musica the black smith made for him. After a gruesome fight Haru comes out the victor smashing lances shadow stone and destroying lances sword.


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