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The 4th Name is... Harry Potter?

This Movie is Harry Potter’s 4 year at school. You get to watch one more Grand Adventure, with tons of surprises! You can almost call it Misadventures of a Boy Named Harry Potter. Lets face it; Harry just has bad luck. Everything is out to get him. This time they try real hard.

This year, Harry and his friends go to the Quidditch World Cup. They get to watch the final game. Afterwards, the Death Eaters attack the camp! This year is just getting better. At Hogwarts, they are going to have the Triwizard Tournament. Only those who are 17 years old or older can enter. When it comes time to find out who the three wizards are, something happens. Harry Potter is chosen!

Now they have to face great test to see who will win.

This movie was amazing! They did a great job with everything in the movie. I’m happy that in this movie they didn’t focus on Malfoy. He was in there, but they kept the movie around Harry this time. But it was funny when he got turned into a Ferret! It was Great!

The thing is, they did such a good job on this movie; it’s hard to choose my favorite scene. I’m happy that they made the 4 movie this fun to watch! It’s great that they can keep you coming back for more! This is just a wonderful movie to watch!

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