Harry Palmer

    Character » Harry Palmer appears in 21 issues.

    Paramedic Harry Palmer became infected with a Brood Queen egg. A sad character consumed by the alien growing inside him, Harry lost control of himself.

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    Brief History

    Harry and his Mutant Brood.
    Harry and his Mutant Brood.

    After being infected with a Brood Queen egg at a crash site in New Mexico, paramedic Harry Palmer infected his partner Josey Thomas. They then began seeking out emergency calls involving mutants, infecting them with Brood eggs to create a force of Brood capable of fighting the X-Men on an equal playing field. He infected Blindside, Brickbat, Dive-Bomber, Lockup, Temptress, Tension, Spitball and Whiphand.

    Harry Palmer and his partner Josey become the leaders of the pack and eventually attacked the X-men. Josey also infects Hannah Connover in hope of her using her preacher husband's traveling congregation to make even more Broodlings. During the final battle, Harry is finally laid to rest, when the alien is killed by Wolverine, who believed that Harry had already died the moment he became infected.The rest of Harry's Brood were also killed by the X-Men, who resolved that the human hosts were simply beyond saving.

    Harry's partner Josey survived the ordeal and would later again fight the X-Men, as would Hannah.


    Harry Palmer was created by Chris Claremont and Marc Silvestri and first appeared in Uncanny X-Men #232. He however also appeared (but unseen) in Uncanny X-Men #218 when he drove a VW car and drove the X-Men Polaris and Havok off the road.

    Powers & Abilities

    As a Brood, Harry Palmer possesses the ability to shape-shift back-and-forth between his human and Brood forms. Like all Brood, he possesses claws, fangs, and enhanced strength. Furthermore, as a Brood Queen host, he also possesses the ability to control other Brood telepathically.


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