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Current Events

Harry is currently appearing in the comic book series Dexter, published by Marvel.


Harry Morgan first appeared in Jeff Lindsay's series of Dexter novels.


Harry was created by Jeff Lindsay.

Character Evolution

While the events of the various Dexter adaptations occur after Harry's death, he appears frequently in each, as either a flashback character or the present day voice of reason Dexter consults in times of crisis or stress.

Harry Morgan once worked as an officer for Miami Police Department. While on the job, he attended a crime scene in which a woman had been butchered in front of her two young sons. While the eldest boy was sent into special care, Harry adopted the younger son, Dexter. He and his wife raised Dexter and their own daughter Debra as brother and sister.

At an early age, Harry noticed that there was something very wrong with Dexter. He did not feel emotions like a normal person, was incapable of remorse, and often found himself overwhelmed by the urge to kill. Believing it too late to "cure" the boy, Harry instead opted to train Dexter and channel those urges into something useful. Together they developed a set of rules known as the "Code of Harry". He taught the boy how to cover his tracks, how to remain undetected by police and , most importantly of all, to only kill people who had themselves taken innocent lives.

In Other Media


Harry Morgan is portrayed on television by James Remar. The show is currently in it's eighth season.


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