Harry Matthews

    Character » Harry Matthews appears in 85 issues.

    Close friend of Jason Blood who has suffered the indignity of being turned into a pillow for the amusement of Belial.

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    Originally an advertising executive, Harry Matthews was drawn into the occult through his friendship with Jason Blood and killed in an effort to separate Blood from his demonic counterpart, Etrigan. While in Hell, Harry was turned into a pillow by Belial, Etrigan's father. During this time he became relatively bitter and even joined Klarion's team of supernatural villains in their quest for revenge against Etrigan. He also learned a bit of magic--enough to provide the final bit necessary for Klarion to stop Etrigan and Lobo from destroying the world with a special bomb. He was retrieved from Hell and spent time relatively contented in Jason's apartment while his friend searched for a cure for his condition.

    For a time, Harry had the companion ship of 'The Thing That Cannot Die', a pink shaped demon about his size that was only eager to please.

    He was eventually returned to human form. At one point, he froze his left arm with liquid nitrogen, and it broke off. He had only one arm for several issues. Then Etrigan had some supernatural wish-fulfillers alter reality (for his own reasons), which among other things had the effect of returning Harry to his normal, human, two-armed form.

    Major Story Arcs

    Blood of the Demon

    One Year Later

    For more information see: One Year Later

    During the time frame of One Year Later, Harry losses his arm while trying to save Anjeli Singh.

    Harry finds himself captured, stripped naked and chained up by some religious zealots in Venice, Italy. Lucky for him Entrigan comes to his aide and kills the zealots. The pair then make their escape but not before Harry can get some clothing and transforms Entrigan back into Jason Blood by reciting the chant. It is soon revealed that the Jason that is with Harry is really magic copy and is being controlled by Randu, back in Gotham Cty.

    Harry and the Jason copy then fly off to Castle Branec, on the trail of the real Entrigan and the real Jason. There the pair meet Kurtzberg, an old friend of the real Jason Blood. He leads them to the castle where they are attacked by the ghost of Merlin. Harry explains that Entrigan is missing and Merlin agrees to help but not before splitting the fake Jason from the fake Entrigan and destroying the fake Entrigan.

    Merlin then teleports Harry, Kurtzberg and fake Jason, to the cataccombs below Branec where Harry finds the real Entrigan. Before he can rescue the real Entrigan, the Lord of the Damned shows up and captures Harry. he then forces Harry to battle the real Entrigan in the arena.

    Instead of fighting the demon, Harry says the enchant that should change him back but instead it changes The Lord of the Damned into Jason Blood. Demons swarms Harry and takes him to a torture chamber. Later Kurtzberg springs him but the pair soon run into a battle between three different Entrigans. Harry and Kutzberg keep there heads down till the real Entrigan comes out victorious.

    Harry, Kutzberg and Entrigan then escape the castle before it explodes. Harry thanks Entrigan but then the demon fades away leaving Harry and Kutzberg to wonder what happened.

    Later due to Entrigan making a wish that warps reality, Harry gets his arm and his normal life back. He becomes top ad agent. It is unclear if the wish made it so that Harry never met Jason or if it just gave Harry back is normal life.


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