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    teMany of Harry "A" Chesler's characters have been revived by Dynamite Entertainment under their Project Superpowers title.

    Some of the Stable of characters that were originally published under Dynamic comics were:

    Alias the Dragon


    Barry Kuda and Algie

    Black Dwarf and sidekicks Nitro and Fly

    Black Cobra (Ajax-Farrell would create their own version when they bought the rights) (Chesler version)

    Black Satan (Chesler version, Dynamite)


    Captain Glory

    Dan Hastings (Centaur, Chesler, MLJ)

    Doctor Holmes

    Doctor Justice

    Doctor Vampire

    Dynamic Boy I

    Dynamic Man and Dynamic Boy II (Chesler, Dynamite)

    Dynamic Woman (Chesler, Dynamite)

    The Echo (Chesler version)

    Enchanted Daggar

    Firebrand (Chesler version, Harvey)

    Gloria Carter

    Green Knight and sidekick Lance Cooper

    Green Skull

    Hale the Magician


    Junior Patrol

    Johnny Rebel (Chesler, Harvey)


    Kitty Kelly

    Lady Satan (Chesler, Dynamite)

    Leader (Chesler version)

    Lucky Coyne

    Master Key

    Major Victory (Chesler, Dynamite) (Dynamic version)

    Mister E (Dynamic version)

    Pioneer, Champion of America (Lev Gleason and Dynamite)

    Rocketman, Rocketgirl, and Rocketboy (Chesler, Dynamite)

    The Scarlet Sentry

    Sea Horror

    Sky Chief

    Sky Hawk

    The Skyrocket

    Spider Woman (Chesler version)

    Stormy Foster


    The Veiled Avenger

    The Yankee

    Yankee Boy I

    Yankee Boy II

    Yankee Girl I, II

    Yankee Doodle Jones and Dandy

    Yellow Hood

    Yellow Spot

    Many of these characters have separate pages while other do not.


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