Character » Harrow appears in 11 issues.

    Leader of a secret military force who aims to save humanity by destroying Superman.

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    Harrow is created by Aaron Kuder and Greg Pak.


    Despite having multiple appearances nothing is known about her origins.

    Major Story Arcs


    Behind the scenes Harrow was responsible for Ghost Soldier attacks against Superman and Underworlders.


    Summons an army.
    Summons an army.

    Having his final confrontation with the Ghost Soldier again,Superman goes behind his leaders to get explanations of such attacks.

    Harrow explains that uses its soldiers to protect humanity from any threat to it and that due to its recent decisions, Supermancould be considered a possible threat in the future and to prove her point of view summons an army of ghosts upon him in the hope that it would eliminate the threat and kill her because she credit that to save humanity we must take difficult decisions. Superman refuses and then she disappears, promising to kill him the next time they meet.

    Superman: Doomed

    Harrow's ghost soldiers.
    Harrow's ghost soldiers.

    She have returned in Superman: Doomed's storyline to help out Batman remove all kryptonite from Earth's atmosphere Superman to gain control over his body again. Harrow pinned down Xa-Du between dimensons while Luthor and Shay Veritas tap into his ecto-technology to turn hyper-kinetic kryptonite intangible,giving time for her to open portals to send it away,meanwhile the Phantom King reveals that have given her the means to make their ghosts soldiers into solids beings

    Shortly after she summons an ghost army to distract Brainiac's fleet while Batman and the others open a planetary Phantom Zone portal to lock up Brainiac.but ended being assimilated as Earth's population.

    After Brainiac defeat she continued looking for entries to the Phantom Zone to rescue Shay Veritas.

    Powers & Abilities

    Necromancy: Harrow is able to rise and control spirits of warriors and even animals from different ages to serve their cause. When Superman put that ghost army against her, she showed enough power to destroy them.

    Pinned down Dr. Xa-Du across dimensions.
    Pinned down Dr. Xa-Du across dimensions.


    Dimensional Travel: Harrow is able to travel through dimensions at will and can even open portals to other dimensions, as she did opening five hundred trillions portals take all hyper-kinetic Kryptonite from Earth's atmosphere.

    Superhuman Stamina: She is able to survive on space.


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