Harrison Snow

    Character » Harrison Snow appears in 40 issues.

    The CEO of Serval Industries and bankroller for the All-New X-Factor team.

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    Not much is known about Harrison Snow except that he originated from the far future of 2099, where he worked together with Miguel O'Hara (better known as Spider-Man 2099) and others in the Alchemax cooperation. The leading coperation in the far future. Eventually Harrison and two of his co-workers used space-time technology to return to the past, our present. This is where Harrison founded Serval Industries.


    Harrison Snow was created by Peter David and Neil Edwards and first appeared shadowed in X-Factor issue 260 (2013) before appearing fully in All-New X-Factor issue 1.

    Major Story Arcs

    Serval Industries

    Exactly how Harrison founded Serval Industries has yet to be revealed. It was however certain that Harrison would use the influence of his corporation to stop his former employer Alchemax's rise to power in this time. In doing so, he created a large corporation of which he himself became the CEO. Harisson eventually got married to a woman, whom seems to not know about Harrison's arrival from the future. As the company grew, Harrison started working more closely with his public relations-manager Linda Kwan. This eventually led to an affair between the two.

    The All-New X-Factor

    Harrison and Gambit
    Harrison and Gambit

    Harrison started recruiting mutants for his privately owned super-hero team, named X-Factor (buying the name from former X-Factor member Jamie Madrox, the Mutliple Man). His first recruits where Polaris, Quicksilver and Gambit, soon followed by Danger, Cypher and Warlock. The team went on various missions while backed by Harrison. Although Harrison and Linda had tried to keep their affair a secret from Harrison's wife, she eventually found out. Her revenge was sleeping with one of Harrison's employees, namely Gambit (whom at the time did not know her to be Harrison's wife). When Harrison found out about this, he seemingly was not mad at Gambit, although during the team's next mission, Gambit was 'unluckily' left behind during an escape attempt when the mission went haywire. Eventually Harrison revealed that, recruiting X-Factor, was only the beginning of his mission to stop Alchemax. What will lie ahead remains to be seen.

    Fun Facts:

    In the comic-credits of the All-New X-Factor comic-book, Harrison Snow is always listed as CEO for Serval Industries among the regular credits for the writer and artists.


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