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Harr is a 2o year old Yuever pilot assigned to Ghan IX. He is partnered with Knapp a fellow Yuever. While Harr sees the natives of Ghan IX as a misunderstood race, Harr disagrees believing them to be murders and barbains, like his commanding offciers have told him.

Harr is unmarried always believing himself to have plenty of time for that when he is older.

Major Story Arcs

Blood and Rage

Harr, Knapp and another set of pilots, in a second ship are on patrol in the wilderness of Ghan IX, when the second ship is taken out by a rocket. Knapp wants to turn back to base for reinforcements but Harr detects native lifeforms below and attacks. Harr doesn't live long enough to learn the natives he fired on where merely children at play, due to the fact that him and Knapp are quickly attacked by Atrocitus.

Atrocitius takes Knapp off the ship and lets Harr crash with the ship into the side of a mountain. Harr dies in the crash.


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