Character » Harpis appears in 59 issues.

    She flies with agility and can lift more than her own weight into the air. She was an original member of the Omega Men before her death.

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    Harpis's first appearance is in Green Lantern #141 (June 1981) and is created by Marv Wolfman and Joe Staton.


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    Born into a human-like race on the planet Aello, 20th world of the Vegan star system, Hwirdh and her sister Duarmzshee grew up in one of Aello's domed cities that protected their inhabitants from icy winds and frequent blizzards. Raised in the communal family of the Paan Electronics Factory, Hwirdh was often dominated by her sister,even though the two were close companions. Together they explored the treacherous walls of the rift valley outside the city dome, building athletic ability and a love for high places. It was on one of these trips that Hwirdh became celebrated as a heroine as she saved the life of Acjild. The scientists of Aello granted the gift of bio-engineered wings upon their new heroine.

    Though enjoying her status, Hwirdh harbored a secret guilt - the knowledge that she could not have saved the child with out the help of her sister. Duarmzshee convinced her sister to leave their home planet or she would reveal her guilty secret.

    Some time later, both sisters were taken prisoner by the Citadel and Blackfire ordered that their bodies be reformed by science to better please her non-human crew. Harpis detested her new form and never forgave the Citadel for stealing her beauty. When they later escaped Komand'r (Blackfire) to join the Omega Men, Harpis fought citadel oppression with fierce determination.

    On a mission led by fellow Omega Man Kalista, Harpis fought and was struck down by the bounty hunter Bedlam, who smashed her hands and then ripped the wings off her back as a souvenir. Harpis was taken by Citadel forces and then ransomed by Primus, but her mutilation and the news of her sister's death drove the Aellan to a nervous breakdown.

    The Omega Men brought her back to Rashashoon, where Mama Madame treated the girl with the help of Delengis, an old lover, but it was only the restoration of her wings on the planet Sindromeda that finally reclaimed Harpis' sanity. She was killed by Lady Styx's Darkstars.

    Powers and Abilities

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    Harpis body has been mutated in several ways. She has long sharp claws on both hands and feet. She is a formidable and aggressive fighter and can slash and rend moderately soft materials to shreds.

    On her back were grafted artificial wings which were bio-engineered to carry her aloft and simulate flight. Although Harpis is able to fly through her artificial wings, usually prefers to glide on wind currents when the opportunity permits conserve energy.


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