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    The "Phoenix" of the team and the wife of Gorgon

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    While on a Dayton Industries-sponsored archaeological dig at Mount Olympus, archaeologists Andonis and Angelika Bal found the Temple of Medusa. When Andonis Bal removed a massive ruby from the forehead of a Medusa statue, the snakeheads fired beams that petrified a nearby worker and gravely wounded the Bals.

    The couple was rushed to Dayton laboratories, infused with Promethium by Mento, and soon became the horrors known as Gorgon and Harpi. Angelika did not respond well to the Promethium treatment, and her body was constantly wracked with pain. Neither wished to fight the Titans, but Angelika and Andonis realized that if they did not follow Mento's orders, they would be destroyed. After Mento was cured, Raven absorbed Harpi's pain by using her empathic powers.

    Harpi seemingly perished while participating in an underground super-hero fight club known as "The House".


    Slowly growing mad as a result of the constant pain she is forced to endure, Harpi was able to fly, fire powerful force bolts from her hands, and possessed razor-sharp talons on her fingertips, capable of slashing through brick or steel.


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