Character » Harper appears in 8 issues.

    Harper is Madame Mirage's alter ego and creator. She is brilliant with technology.

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    Harper Temple is the younger of the Temple Sisters.  She is the brains behind the Ellison device.  She watches as her older sister Angela is killed by people trying to take the Ellison device and appeared to be killed herself if she hadn't been using to device to appear besides her sister (she was in fact in another location).
    Using the holographic features of the device, Harper created Madame Mirage, an alter ego based on Angela's appearance with exaggerated features.  This way the focus is on Madame Mirage and Harper Temple remains dead to the world.


    Harper is an excellent Markswoman & swordswoman.  
    The Ellison Device creates solid holograms and can render the user invisible.

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