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    A young Gotham City electrical engineer who wants to assist Batman in repayment for protecting her brother and her from an assault, much to Batman's frustration.

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    Current Events

    Bluebird's first appearance
    Bluebird's first appearance

    Harper infiltrates an underground nightclub looking for the new "kingpin of Gotham." When things get dire, Batman busts through the entrance and interferes. Suddenly Harper disappears and changes only to come back under her new name, Bluebird. She uses new gadgets and shock guns to help Batman fight off thugs in the club.

    Soon it is discovered that the kingpin Harper was searching for is Selina Kyle. Given their history, and Batman's insistence he needs help, Selina opens a safe to reveal what Batman needs. Inside, they find Stephanie Brown better known as the Spoiler.


    Harper grew up in the Narrows, a rough part of Gotham City. Still in high school, she lives with and supports her younger brother, Cullen Row. Harper and Cullen had a rough upbringing which included an abusive father who also had a tendency to break things around the house. Harper developed a knack for fixing things while trying to keep the family electronics functional. This experience helped her get a job with the Gotham City as an electrical engineer.


    Harper Row was created by Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo.

    Major Story Arcs

    Court of Owls

    When Batman came under attack by the Court of Owls, he barely managed to escape their underground maze through Gotham's frozen river. A young girl by the name of Harper Row managed to pull Batman's body from the water and got him into the back of her van where she jump-started his heart with a car battery and jumper cables. When he came to, Batman recognized Harper, telling her, "I told you once already, leave me alone. I mean it."

    Harper's character is further revealed when we are shown her first meeting with Batman, why she helping him, and how he once helped her. One day when she and her brother were walking home alone, they were confronted by a group of local thugs who started beating her brother because he is gay. Harper attempted to defend Cullen with a tazer-styled weapon, but was unsuccessful and was disarmed. Batman appeared then and saved them, making a great impression on Harper and Cullen who had never been able to depend on anyone but each other.

    Later, Harper obsessed with learning as much as she could about Batman and everything around him. Specifically, she became curious how he was able to stop all nearby city cameras when he appears. She surmised that Batman must have a method to link into the city grid and control it, with a type of device she dubs a 'Bat-Box'. After deducing where one of these devices can be found, Harper went down to the sewers and retrieved it. In studying the device, she was able to make modifications to it that actually improved it. When she went to return the device to the grid where she found it, she was interrupted by Batman who was fighting with Tiger Shark. Harper helped Batman in the fight and managed to escape. Batman later found her and told her to not bother him or help him. Harper's response once Batman left was to declare "I'm not finished."

    Damian's Death

    Harper after some training
    Harper after some training

    Harper stalked Batman for many nights following Damian's death and noticed he was getting weaker and slower. Batman got into a fight with a dog-fighter who injects Venom into his dogs one night while Harper is watching and, fearing for his life, she jumps in once again to save him. She dons a skin-tight black suit this time and has a device that transmits a high-pitched noise to call the dogs off. Batman then helps her take down the dog-fighter and tells her to go away again and to leave him alone. Harper talks about how she has been training and makes it clear she wants to be part of Batman's team. They have an argument and Batman eventually leaves.

    The next day, Harper goes to Wayne Enterprises to visit Bruce and shows him a blueprint for a message she wants to send to Batman. Bruce instantly says yes and dismisses her. Later that night, Harper meets up with Batman on a roof in view of Wayne Tower and, after a short discussion, leaves him to view the message in the lights of the building spelling out, "resolve."

    Batman Eternal

    Harper first appeared as Bluebird in Batman #28 fighting alongside Batman, and is currently helping Red Robin investigate a case of a nanobot plague affecting children in the Narrows part of Gotham.

    Relationships with Batman Family

    Batman: Harper has had a rocky relationship with Batman. She has saved his life and helped him numerous times, yet he constantly refuses her help. This has not, and will not, stop her. In her first appearance as Bluebird, we see her working alongside Batman, although the Batman Eternal story has not gotten this far yet.

    Red Robin: Harper's relationship with Red Robin has been better than her's with Batman. Red Robin is initially unaccepting of her aid, and just wants to keep her safe. However, she is strong willed and Red Robin knows of her skill, and he reluctantly works with her on the nanobot situation plaguing children in Gotham City.

    Skills and Abilities

    Gifted Electrical Engineer: Harper was able to repair and improve electrical "Bat Boxes" Batman had placed in the sewers of Gotham, and even was able to hack into Red Robin's secure computer.

    Stealth: Harper is stealthy enough to silently follow Red Robin so closely behind him that his plane could not detect a second person on the plane with him.


    Horizontal line launcher
    Horizontal line launcher

    Harper utilizes specialized equipment including armor, a horizontal line launcher, clip-boots designed to latch onto the horizontal line and a shock-pellet rifle.


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