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    Harmony is a mutant who formerly lived in the sewers under London, England. She is an ichthysanthrope (Were-Fish) or a fish/human hybrid.

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    Harmony survived the Mr. Clean's massacre of the mutants living in the London sewers, along with her newborn daughter, Hope. She has scales, fins, and gills and can breathe underwater as well as air, and can swim at superhuman speeds.


    Harmony was created by Joe Casey and Ian Churchill in 2001 and first appeared in Uncanny X-Men 395.


    Harmony was one of the London based Morlocks, a community of mutants who lived in the sewers. The community was being hunted down by Mr. Clean, an agent of the Church of Humanity, who was genetically engineered to murder mutants.


    Harmony has gills to breathe underwater due to her fish-like appearance.


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