The Joker is coming for her

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For anyone who hasn't heard, Scott Snyder's (writer of the New 52 Batman) next big story arc is going to be called Death of the Family and will feature the Joker. It will start out self contained as a Batman and Joker story but a few issues in it will spill out into other series so that the Joker can come face to face with other characters (Dick Grayson, Barbara Gordon, Jason Todd etc).

And in the above link, it is confirmed that the Joker will also be spilling into a future issue of Suicide Squad in which he comes after Harley Quinn for some reason or another.

Judging by the tone that is being set for the Joker, I doubt he's coming for Harley to rekindle their love...seems more like he's out for blood.

What're some thoughts on this? How would you like to see the two character reunite and reconnect?

I, personally, like the two characters best when they're together but I can't see that happening in this arc so I'm just hoping that their entire relationship isn't destroyed beyond repair after this story.

Nontheless, I am still very excited to read this.

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I never thought of it crossing over into Suicide Squad, good post.

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Can't wait for it ... its going to be epic!!

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wait harley quinn and the joker...OH MY GOD i never knew.

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Not sure if I'm excited that Suicide Squad might get good again, or sad that I'm going to HAVE to keep following it now.

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Now I have to look into suicide squad.

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