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Harley Queen

The Futures End title does nothing for me. When it comes to the Futures End event however, I have rather mixed feelings. I've come across great issues (Batgirl), and other less amazing issues (Earth 2, Grayson), so I was rather afraid of what Harley Quinn's Futures End would look like. And it turned out to be extremely good. The fact that the same team worked on both the regular title and this issue is most definitely a plus; the art was brilliant, the story completely crazy and everything fell right about this book. My only criticism would be regarding "mistah J". WHY DOES EVERYONE KEEP BRINGING HIM BACK INTO HARLEY'S LIFE? I feel like it has become an easy trick; whenever you need something big, just write something about the Joker, and don't look any further. It's such a shame because Harley deserve SO MUCH better, she is a great character, a crazy villain and her solo title is quite good. I just wish her writers would finally let her grow out of the Joker's shodow once and for all. Anyway, all in all, a fantastic read.

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