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    This Book Redeems the Arc

    Overall I wasn't a fan of Lieberman's writing in the "Behind Blue Eyes" story arc.  Maybe it's a change that happened around the time of the Harley Quinn book, but she didn't seem as carefree and ditzy as I remember Harley - as she is in most incarnations.  So why four stars?  Well, first of all the art in this arc was pretty darned good.  Especially the inking - it gave a real sense of depth and grit to the locations.  The characters came around and maybe even became a bit fleshed out for a five book arc.  But what really pushed it over the edge was the ending, which encompassed most of this book.  Holy Moly, what an ending!  These are the only five comics I have in the Harley Quinn series, so I don't know how it compares to the rest of this 4 year book, but it was one GOOD story once the cap was put on it at the end.

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