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Harley Quinn #2 Review

Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti did however up their game with this issue, as although the subject matter itself wasn't overly interesting, the fun and energetic nature of the issue made it amazing. Conner and Palmiotti also showed Harley's nature perfectly, showing that despite her playful attitude that she does have emotions and feelings towards certain living creatures. The addition of Poison Ivy was also much appreciated, as despite it not being overall necessary for the story, it was nice to see these two friends team-up again.

The artwork in this issue was shared between regular artist Chad Hardin and Stephanie Roux. Now I could probably separate the two artists work out, but the similarities in style make the transition nearly unnoticeable. Alex Sincalair may have had a hand in this with his colours creating a great tone and consistency for the issue, helping the transition to feel more smooth. Hardin and Roux also did a great job with the layouts of this issue, with it having a very energetic and fun feel throughout, with some panels practically jumping off the page.

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