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Harley Quinn #1 Review

Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti would do a terrific job of setting up a continuing storyline for Harley, whilst also managing to keep it fun and unique. I especially loved how Conner and Palmiotti have taken Harley out of the main DC Universe and given her some room to show her characteristics, as despite the fact it would probably be nice to see Harley interact with other DC characters, this gives more room to make the story even more unique. The issue would however overall not be quite as good as the zero issue, as despite the fun nature of the story, the pacing of the issue would be very inconsistent. This is however the early stages of the series so it is expected to get minor quibbles like this.

Chad Hardin’s artwork is simply perfect for this series and although there may be better artists than him working for DC I doubt there is anyone that could have matched the tone of the story quite as well. The layout as well as the expressions on Harley’s face is what would grab my attention the most in this issue, as they would add a lot of intensity and impact to the issue visual wise. I also loved how Hardin would show the crazy nature of this series as well, as despite the script being the key thing that made this issue wacky, the art would follow suit perfectly and I hope Hardin stays on this series for a long time.

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