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As a child Kelly was always an outcast because of her chalk-white skin, but worse then being an outcast was feeling abandoned by her father. To fill this pit, Kelly began experimenting with drugs, and when her mother discovered this, Kelly was thrown out of her house. Feeling abandoned again, Kelly went to New York where she fell in with a rough crowd. Her wild behavior eventually came with a wakeup call when a couple of her friends died. This lead to the discovery of her powers and her career as Harlette. Much like her father, Kelly went on to join the 2nd generation of Sentinels trying to discover the whereabouts of her father.

After the breakup of the Sentinels, Kelly continued to fight crime on a street level. On one of her patrols she was attacked by a horde of demons, but Electron showed up just in time to save her. This attacked sparked the team to regroup, but the reunion was cut short when the group was attacked and the base was blown up. Kelly had luckily been outside of the base. For a little bit Kelly believed her and Electron were the only survivors until the rest of the team burst from the ground. When they regrouped Gospel sent the team to a Hell dimension in hopes of receiving their help in defeating her father, Damien, who ruled over that dimension. Gospel used what little strength she had to get the team away from Damien who had them under his control for a moment. Kelly was the only one left behind to save Sin who Damien was planning on using as a gateway to Earth. Kelly did a surprise attack, but it barely phased Damien. Luckily Phazer showed up to save her and the rest of the Sentinels defeated him. With her dying words, Gospel sent the team back to Earth.

Back home Kelly confronted Sin, because Gospel had said their destinies were entwined. The two ended up at Sin's home where Kelly talked about her rough years on the street hoping for her powers to come. The two of them regrouped with the rest of the Sentinels to return to the base in search of Cyprus. The team got ambushed by Squadron 7, but they managed to make it out with Splash's help. The joyful moment was cut short when they were abducted.

On the alien spacecraft the females and the males were split. Kelly, Firebomb, and Splash were all sent to a room where they could please the male aliens. Luckily Splash escaped, but Kelly and Firebomb were left. Kelly promised to protect Firebomb, but when a group of the aliens tried to rape her, she snapped and killed them all. The guys arrived only to witness her huddled in the middle of dead guards. Maurice managed to comfort her and when they managed to escape on an alien spacecraft, Kelly said she no longer wanted to reform or even be a hero.

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