Harlan Draka

    Character » Harlan Draka appears in 415 issues.

    Harlan Draka is a Dampyr, a child of a human and a Master of the Night.

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    Harlan Draka was born in a small village in the former Yugoslavia. His mother was a human, who died giving birth to him, and his father was Draka, one of the Masters of the Night, thus Harlan was born a Dhampir. He later became a vampire hunter. He allied with Kurjak, a Bosnian soldier who he helped when his militia got attacked by vampires, an Tesla, a vampire who changed the fronts.

    Powers and Abilities

    Dampyrs are naturally faster, slightly more durable than normal humans and some of their senses are more acute.

    Dampyr's blood is lethal to vampires, melts their flesh like acid and sets them on fire, blocking their regenerative capabilities in the process. Weapons and objects bathed in his blood gain these properties for a limited amount of time.

    He also has a healing factor and ages slower than a human.

    He can drink the blood of a vampire to gain their knowledge, and also has resistance to various kinds of psychic powers.

    He is also a master of armed and unarmed combat, having more than twenty years of experience in dealing with many kinds of foes all around the world (and in other worlds) and by being trained by Caleb Lost on Earth and Marshall Vapula in the exclusive college of hell, where he became one of the best students of the history in a few weeks.

    He also speaks at least 4 languages and is an expert in history, folklore, literature and geography.

    Sometimes, with various external factors, he can transform in a complete Master of the Night, gaining all of their powers, with the properties of his blood extended to the entirety of his body.


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