Why is his suit so hideous

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I hear that he is supposed to be the most high tech person in milestone.Yet his suit is so ugly and his weapons are....primitive,but is his suit supposed to look that way....if so then i would be more lenient towards this design: IN FACT i prefer this design,but i would say his top strength with the suit on would be 500 lbs,and if he reaches that,it may damage his system,i don't expect him to lift a car.But hear his suit is supposed to enhance his strength,and to be honest,i was being REALLY generous when i said 500,maybe 300,350,400,450? IDK

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His suit is cannibalized technology, and I don't think he cares much about a beauty contest?

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He is like Steel only much better.

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I can't even tell what the suit is. I think its gross looking. The typical Marvel power armor is so much better.

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