Character » Hardrock appears in 29 issues.

    Ross Richman is very mild-mannered and often bullied. Hardrock gets his powers from a talisman he wears on his neck. He has worked with the Ravers and aided Young Justice.

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    Ross Richman found the amulet that gave him his powers in a fallen meteor and becomes a monsterious golem called Hardrock. He gave in to peer pressure and let his friends make him use his powers to steal and vandalize. Superboy and Superman convinced him to stop doing so. Hardrock usually hangs out with the Ravers.

    Recently, Hardrock had been captured and forced into the Darkside Tournament. Hardrock returned and was taken to Titans Tower for shelter by Miss Martian. He couldn't join the Teen Titans because he wanted to return to his family. 

    Alternate Future

     It was shown that Hardrock is a member of Lex Luthor's Titans Army in Titans Tomorrow Today story-arc.


    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: Brown

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