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    He was also known as Reverb, the brother of Vibe.

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    Armando is the older brother of Vibe. They both have similar powers. He uses the name Reverb and Hardline. He even worked for Booster super team the Conglomerate . With similar powers to his younger brother Paco, Armando can manipulate sound waves. Growing up in the slums of Detroit, Armando kept his powers secret and fell in with the El Lobos gang. Young Paco decided to use his gift for good, joining a short-lived incarnation of the Justice League of America as Vibe. When Paco was killed in battle, Armando was stirred into action. He abandoned the street gang and honed his powers, taking on a costumed identity and joining the Conglomerate with the hope of doing some good himself.

    Post-Flashpoint Origins

    Rupture fell to Earth after being transported to another universe during Darkseid's invasion of Earth. He was then cared for by Mordeth, gypsy's Mother. She bent him to her will and gave him weaponry and a purpose and set him against Gypsy's people.

    Current Events

    Armando was thought to have died in the same event that gave Vibe his powers. He however survived as became Rupture working for . After witnessing Dante Ramone being shot, Vibe unintentionally weakened the walls of reality when he helped the prisoner in the circus escape. In doing so, Rupture was able to enter the universe and began searching for Gypsy, as Vibe went to help,Armando briefly recognized him, however before they could talk to each other, his mind control kicked in and he went back to hunting Gypsy. They briefly fight and their energies leads to a dragon from another universe entering theirs. He revealed that he's been searching the cosmos for Gypsy and that the only reason he didn't come to Earth was because of a dimensional block. He was attacked by Vibe while Gypsy distracted him, as he attacked them Gypsy revealed how he came to her planet. He also told her that he killed her father. before he stabbed Vibe with his Scythe and took them back to Gypsy's universe.

    Powers & Abilities

    Rupture has similar abilities to his little brother Vibe. Armando has the power to cross dimensions by cleaving spaces between them, he was previously blocked form going to Prime Earth, but that was weakened by Vibe. Rupture the ability to shoot lightning. he has also shown the ability to levitate and possibly fly. He can also detect and drain energy. He has armor forged in the Flames of Lanzing which can stand up to bullets and has allowed him to stand up to attacks from Vibe. He also carries a Scythe that allowed him drain Vibe's energy and strong enough to cut a Steel Girder in half.


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