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    Hardball was apart of the draft of Initiative recruits. A recent graduate of the of the Initiative training program. He recently betrayed the Initiative and became a member of HYDRA.

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     As an Initiative recruit
     As an Initiative recruit

    When Roger first arrived at Camp Hammond, it was evident that Roger was a very outgoing individual who liked to joke a lot. After almost getting beat up by the towns people after entering a bar, he stole a magazine full of S.P.I.N. tech darts. He did it because the man that saved him in the bar asked him to do so (the man, Senator Woodman, had been revealed to be a high-ranking soldier in Hydra). Roger felt very guilty though, because the magazine he stole was the same one that Iron Man was trying to use to stop the Hulk. It was revealed that Hardball gained his powers from the Power Broker, just as his brother had. Hardball had intended to kill the Power Broker but was subdued and then given his powers. He was later on drafted into the Initiative by Wonder Man, when he saw Roger stop a criminal. Hardball, unknown to anyone else though, had planned on robing a bank that day. The Hydra soldier that had saved Roger in the bar, has has bought Roger's contract from the Power Broker and has intentions of making Hardball in to a Hydra member. Hardball is currently in a  relationship with Komodo, who revealed to Roger that in her human form she has no legs, he told her that it didn't matter, which has brought them even closer together.

    Major Story Arcs


     Recently, the initiative recruits have come into conflict with an evil MVP clone that has got a hold of the Tactigon and has names himself KIA. In the final bout with KIA, Komodo taunted the clone telling him that her limbs grow back no matter what he throws at her. He then responded by turning the Tactigon into a certain snake that when bitten its venom travels faster to the heart than her regeneration. After biting her with it in the leg, Hardball responded by blasting KIA back, and carried Komodo from the battle. Once out of site Roger told Komodo to close her eyes, and then sliced her legs off with his energy spheres so the venom could not poison her further. After the battle it is shown that Komodo's legs had grown back and both her and Roger were fine.

    Graduation & the Heavy Hitters

    Recently the first group of drafted heroes graduated from the Initiative training program including Hardball. He had been assigned to the Nevada team Heavy Hitters under the leadership of Gravity.  The Heavy Hitters teamed up with Arizona's Desert Stars to take down the monster Zzzax when it escaped and attacked a dam.  Komodo, who was a member of the Stars, distracted Zzzax long enough for Hardball to short circuit it with a force field (Zzzax was a being of pure electricity).  The teammates of Komodo and Hardball commented on how they seemed to be both the perfect team and couple.    

    Unfortunately, they weren't.  Komodo thought Hardball was acting suspicious so she tricked him into thinking she had left and then waited until he broke into her lab that contained her own blood samples.  She was infuriated and attacked, but he took the blood and escaped.  He brought it back to Senator Woodman.  Woodman then tested it on several humans until he was able to perfect it to work specially for him (multiple HYDRA men died before the work was perfected).  Woodman then took the syrum himself and promised Hardball that he would be his right hand man.  
    Komodo put a tracker on Hardball and with the Dessert Stars and Heavy Hitters attacked the limosine he was in (along with Woodman and several HYDRA agents).  Woodman transformed into a giant, lizard-like beast and gained the upper hand in battle--until Komodo distracted him so Hardball then blasted a force field through his body (this seemingly killed him).  Komodo then told Hardball he could return to his post and live life normally.  Hardball refused, saying he had only killed Woodman to gain his spot in HYDRA.  Hardball then trapped Komodo in a force field so he could escape.         


    Later, it was revealed that  Hardball was the lover of Carmilla Black and is the co-leader of the HYDRA Training Facility in Madripoor that The Shadow Initiative is supposed to be taking out. Carmilla and Hardball confront the Shadow Initiative along with an army of HYDRA Agents, shortly after they learn they were searching for Hardball. They get them pinned down in an old alleyway somewhere deep within the slums of Madripoor and start to fight. However, Carmilla double crosses him and while she does care for Hardball, she reveals to him that she is a double-agent working for an outside power, and understands that he cares about Komodo more than he does about her. After Carmilla flees, Hardball is arrested.


    Hardball has yet to reveal the full extent of his powers. He has the ability to create balls of energy which he has only used defensively. Once formed the balls can withstand and/or even deflect powerful energies. Hardball has also displayed the ability to create spheres of electro-magnetic energy effectively able to scramble electronic devices such as cameras, security devices and computers.

    Special Equipment

    Hardball possesses a jetpack given to him by the Initiative. It is used so that he can fly.


    Known Relatives: Parents (both names unrevealed) & Paul Brokeridge (brother).

    Citizenship: Citizen of the United State, potentially with a criminal record.

    Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California

    Marital Status: Single

    Occupation: Adventurer, (Formerly: student)

    Education: Unrevealed

    Gender: Male

    Height: Unrevealed

    Weight: Unrevealed.

    Eyes: Green

    Hair: Blonde


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