Harada Foundation

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    The Harbinger Foundation is primarily a secret school submerged deep inside Harada Global Conglomerates. They also function as the private special security arm for the entire Harada Organization. A Harbinger Complex was moved to Pittsburgh to accommodate the addition of Peter Stanchek.

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    Initially their goal was to help so called Harbinger people (gifted with psi powers) better understand and control their talents. There is so good Harbingers can accomplish. Harbinger Foundation can make the world a better place.

    There are 3 types of people in the world. The majority of the world would be considered Norms, some intuitive, some not. Those that have a gifted ability locked inside them would be called Latents. They are very rare. And the rarest of people are those born 'Activated'. To be 'Activated', means the individual has access to their special, extraordinary ability that gives them powers beyond the Norms of the world. The process is painful, humbling, and dangerous. At the Harbinger Foundation, once a student is 'Activated', they begin 3 years of total immersion training. Each student wears a different uniform that signifies their year in the program:

    • 1st Year - Ichinensei
    • 2nd Year - Nensei
    • 3rd Year - Shinia

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