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A little Faith

I have been following Harbinger since issue one and absolutely love it. Being busy kept me from reviewing it but I forced myself to make the effort as this is one of the best ongoing series there is at them moment knocking both Marvel and DC's best titles down the ladder. Its just a shame that it isn't more popular.

The Good:

We finally got some background on Faith and what makes her who she is which was overdue in my opinion. The writing and art is phenomenal. I also find the little pop-culture references in this series really fun and even go as far as making the world of Harbinger that bit more believable. As IGN said "there is so much love in these pages" its rare to see an ongoing written with such conviction and dedication from its creative team.

The Bad:

After the events of Harbinger 8 I was ready for the story to continue but instead we had this sort of filler story about Faith and while that was long overdue I was so looking forward to how this story would progress I found it a tease to lure us in with the expectations of a continuation from Harbinger 8 and give us a filler instead. It was a well written and good filler but I came out feeling unsatisfied!

The Verdict:

As I haven't reviewed the other issues I feel as though I poured a little of the pent up praise for the rest of the issues into this review and i don't regret that. Harbinger is by far the best ongoing at the moment and my champing at the bit to know what happens next proves that to me. I didn't feel this drawn in, immersed or excited about Snyder's Batman or Slott's ASM 700.

Anyway back to this issue itself. The art and writing were all brilliant I have no complaints at all. However with comics I love I am very harsh and as much as I liked this issue I still felt robbed of a bit more of a follow on from the last issue which I was REALLY looking forward too. However this still gets 4 stars.

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