Harbinger #1

    Harbinger » Harbinger #1 - Omega Rising: Part 1 released by DMG/Valiant Entertainment on June 2012.

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    Teenager Peter Stenchek is out of work, on the skids, and -- unbeknownest to him -- a psionic-powered "harbinger" with the potential to reshape the course of human history. Toyo Harada is a wealthy business magnate, a respected philanthropist, and the most powerful harbinger of all -- or so he thought. As they forge an uneasy alliance, will Harada offer Peter a chance for redemption -- or attempt to induct him into a secret network of conspiracy, subversion, and control? Peter is about to discover that he's not alone in the world and, soon, the generation who has nothing will take on the man who has everything.

    List of covers and their creators:

    CoverNameCreator(s)Sidebar Location
    RegRegular CoverArturo Lozzi1
    PullPullbox Exclusive VariantMico Suayan6
    VarVariant Cover ADoug Braithwaite2
    VarVariant Cover BJelena Kevic-Djurdjevic3
    RIRetailer Incentive - Gold Edition Cover (150 copies only)Arturo Lozzi4
    2ndSecond Printing Variant CoverPatrick Zircher5

    Issue Recap

    Harbinger #1 opens up with a flashback from Toyo Harada in 1951, Tibet. At this time, Toyo is 18 years old and he is seeking out the Bleeding Monk. Upon Arrival, the bleeding monk is being guarded by some sort of Chinese military. Harada uses one of his powers to control their minds to kill each other. After they are all dead, he moves on through the chamber and meets the bleeding monk who apparently has been waiting for his arrival.

    Now in present-day, Peter Stanchek, 18 years old, is roaming about the streets of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. Peter is plagued with being able to hear everyone's thoughts without control. He seeks out prescription drugs to numb this Telepathic power. He and his best friend Joe Irons, from the last Mental institute they broke out of, are on the run from the police. Wanting some sense of connection to his childhood, Peter decides to go back to the neighborhood he grew up in, taking along Joe for the ride where they find a vacant house to crash in for the night.

    Since his run in with the bleeding monk, Harada has now become a public figure with a large amount of influence. Not because of his power, but from the company has started, Harada Conglomerates. This is just a front for his real purpose, running the Harbinger Foundation. A foundation built for training those with Psionic abilities.

    The next morning, back at the vacant house, Peter leaves Joe unsupervised as he leaves to find his long-lost childhood love, Kris. When Peter runs into Kris, she acted as if she doesn't even remember him. After a short and uncomfortable conversation they part ways

    Meanwhile, an un-medicated Joe has left the house and is at the park in plain sight. It doesn't take very long for the cops to arrive and take Joe into custody.

    Later that day when Kris gets out of school, Peter confronts her once more. She now it admits that she remembers him and she remembers that he was very dangerous for some reason back whenever they were 10. She also remembers when he left, everyone was happy. Peter then tells her that he's been locked up in hospitals since that day he left. Kris seems on affected by this information and tries to walk away. At this point, Peter does the very unethical thing and forces Kris to fall in love with him.

    At the police station, Joe is being questioned by an agent of Project Rising Spirit, Mr. Tull. Mr. Tull isn't interested in Joe at all, but he is looking for Peter because he is the one with the powers. Knowing he is getting nowhere with questioning him, Mr. Tull releases Joe with the intention of following him to where Peter is.

    Back at the vacant house, Peter has not now done the unthinkable and has slept with Kris under mind control. Peter starts hearing a voice and goes outside to investigate where he finds Harada, masking himself to appear as a dog, talking to him.

    Harada goes on to explain who he is and what he does. He tells him that he has been keeping tabs on him and he knows all about him. Harada then convinces Peter that he should leave everything behind and join him to train and enhance his abilities.

    At that moment, Joe shows up, unknowing that he brought Project Rising Spirit soldiers along following him. The issue ends with soldiers closing in on Peter and Joe.



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    Story Arcs

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