Character » Harak appears in 3 issues.

    Harak is a alien entity that feeds himself of energies from the core of dying planets and moons.

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    Harak is created by Greg Pak and Aaron Kuder. Harak made his first comic book appearance in the Action Comics 33.

    Character Evolution

    Superman: Doomed

    A year ago Harak pays a visit to Arkon 23,a moon colony located in other side of the Milky Way to alert that their world would destroy itself and then return soon to consume the molten core as well as what was left of their world.

    Fulfilling its promise returns after a year, but The Char had not yet evacuated its entire population, but at this point his hunger grows by the minute and could not wait any longer,but is eventually stopped by Superdoom, which mistakenly confude him as a destroyer. Superdoom rampage set countless debris over the starships,Harak goes after looking to clean the way so The Char could escape and and realizing the error uses Doomsday's powers to destroy the debris.

    Suddenly Doomsday take over Superman and clobber Harak


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