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Harold "Happy" Hogan

Harold Joseph Hogan, or Happy, was a former boxer with a losing record. He got his nick name from him never smiling. He eventually ran into Tony Stark and saved his life by pulling him out of a car wreck. He was then hired as a personal assistant and bodyguard for Tony, sometimes giving him moral advice. Being close to Tony, Happy is attacked numerous times due to Tony's alter ego. Despite all the troubles he remains loyal to Tony. He did not know Tony Stark to be the Invincible Iron Man until many years later.


Happy Hogan was created by Stan Lee and Don Heck and first appeared in Tales of Suspense #45 in September 1963.

Major Story Arcs

In love

While working for Tony Stark, he soon met with his lovely secrateris, Miss Pepper Pots. He imidiately fell in love with her and tried to get her attention. He however failed to do so, since Pepper was far more interested in Tony Stark himself. This posed a bizare love triangle for the three friends, whom offten worked together, both in the workplace, and when Happy and Pepper assisted Iron Man on missions (not knowing Iron Man to be Tony Stark). Eventually Happy managed to win Pepper for him, and the two started a fragile relationship.

The Freak

Happy as the Freak
Happy as the Freak

During an attack by the Titanuim man, Happy was struck by one of his laser-blasts and was left barely alive. Tony used experimental cobalt rays to save his life. This worked, however it had mayor sideaffects for him, when Happy's body ended up mutating. It turned him into a creature known as the Freak. As the Freak, Happy went on a rampage but he was eventually stopped by Iron Man and cured using the Enervator to reverse his condition. Happy went on two more rampages as The Freak but in the last one, which involved him posing as Iron man for Tony's sake, he was completely cured.

Happy and Pepper

Happy had an ongoing relationship with Pepper Potts. The two dated for awhile and eventually got married. Their relationship was strained due to Stark's alter ego and happy sensing Pepper having feelings for Tony. Their relationship had its ups and downs until Pepper had an affair with her High School sweetheart. She thought Happy was cheating on her but it was false and the two divorced. They later remarried but problems arise when Pepper had a miscarriage that she kept secret from Happy. He found out through Tony. Angered he stormed out and was shot by snipers. He survived the shot.

Civil War and Death

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Happy served as a huge moral support for Tony during the Civil War. During one of Tony's moments of discouragements he tells him "You, my friend, are the only cape in the bunch [of superheroes] that's both one of us [that is, human] and one of them. Who else can see both sides the way you do?" Happy is eventually attacked by the Spymaster and is placed in a coma due to head trauma. Pepper convinces Tony to pull the plug on Happy and Happy seemingly dies.

Powers and Abilities

Happy possesses no super human attributes. His strength, speed, and intelligence are that of a normal person. He did wear the Iron man armor twice granting him the powers of Iron man for a short period.

Happy was a boxer so he is skilled in unarmed combat. He also has extensive knowledge of Stark Industries and its inner workings.


Height: 5'11''

Weight: 221lbs

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Brown

Other versions

Ultimate Marvel:

Happy makes numerous appearances next to Iron man in the Ultimate Universe. He is mostly seen in the lab alongside Pepper and Tony.


In the Amalgam comics crossover happy is an Amalgam with Thomas Kalmaku and is known as Happy Kalmaku. He is Hal Stark's chief mechanic and is also in love with Pepper Ferris. Unfortunately she loved Hal and was also the super villain Sapphire.

Marvel Zombies:

In the Marvel Zombie universe Happy is changed into a zombie by Giant Man. He then leads him in the industry spreading the virus until he is shot and killed by War Machine.


Iron Man films 1, 2 & 3

Johm Favreau as Happy Hogan
Johm Favreau as Happy Hogan

Happy appears the three Iron man films and stays close to the source material. Favreau did not have a large role in the 1st film as he barely spoke and didn't have much screen time. His role is bumped up in the second behaving more as a comic relief and a trainer for Tony. He also has a small fight scene in the end of the film. In the third film he is injured, showing the friendship between he and Tony. Fun fact, Jon also plays Foggy Nelson in the Daredevil movie from 2003.

Spider-Man: Homecoming and Spider-Man: Far From Home

As Head of Security for Stark Industries, Happy was often tasked with watching out for Spider-Man. In Homecoming, it is revealed that Happy got him to and from Berlin for the airport showdown in Captain America: Civil War. He often checked in with him at the behest of Tony Stark. He was also in charge of overseeing the last shipment of Stark tech to the upstate Avengers Compound from the NYC Avengers Tower, which was targeted by The Vulture and saved by Spider-Man.

In Far From Home, Happy is now secretly dating Spider-Man's aunt. He shows up to one of her charity events with a big check from Stark Industries. He is also there to let Spider know that Nick Fury has been looking for him. And when Spider-Man gets lost in Europe, he calls Happy for help. Happy picks him up in a jet, helps get a new suit, and then saves Spider-Man's friends while he's fighting the bad guy.

Iron Man Armored Adventures (Television)

In Iron Man Armored Adventures the cast is portrayed at a much younger age and they are in high school. Happy serves the role of a dumb jock and sometimes bully. He is a huge fan of Iron Man and believes him to be a cyborg. He momentarily wore the Iron man after Rhodey misplaced the suit. He eventually saves the day and Tony had to trick him in giving up the suit.


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