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Haokah, the Sioux god of Thunder, is like the Norse god Thor, in a few ways.
Such as, being able to control wind, rain and lightning. Haokah is able to take host and use said hosts as conduits for his power, like Thor whom transforms from Donald Blake into Thor.
Known Host(s): Inali Redpath


Haokah is a very powerful god, almost on a level like classic Thor. Haokah can control the wind in ways such as, create tornadoes and create wind to create gusts of around 200 mph. The Sioux god can also control lightning almost on a level as Thor and other thunder gods.


Haokah believes that all white men, and others who are not natives to America should be wiped out, just as the Indians were. Haokah is also a malevolent god who takes pleasure in killing those that are not Native American.

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