Hao Asakura

    Character » Hao Asakura appears in 4 issues.

    Hao is Yoh's oldest relative, and is over 1000 years old. He bears much resemblance to Yoh, and is like his counterpart in the Shaman Tournament. His Ghost partner is the great Fire Spirit.

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    Hao was the leader of the insurgance against the humans in the Shaman Tournament to decide who would become King. When he first was introduced was right before they set off on the Patch Jumbo Jet to the arenas with their teams at the Yokocha Naval Base. He encountered Yoh Asakura and his group of friends, Ren, Horohoro, and Ryu. It should also be noted that Shaman King, the manga was an unfinished manga series, and that Hao's name was Zeke in the anime.


    As they sat there, Horohoro and the rest began to talk. They were bored.

    Ren sighed as he sat on the bench, looking very unamused at his surroundings and the rest of the place. He didn't like the idea of waiting for the ride to come, or to give themselves chance to be ambushed by other teams. The young Chinese Warrior was extremely paranoid, always strategizing with his team.

    Horohoro asked what could be happening now as nothing exciting had occurred since his fight with Yoh in the preliminaries, leaning up agains the pole that held up the porch foundation with his arms around it.

    Yoh Asakura, Hao's distant relation

    He was bored and very aggravated with this place and wanted to get out of there as soon as possible, like everyone else but Yoh Asakura.

    Ryu asked what the Patch Tribe may have planned for them in response to Horohoro's question, wondering just as much as the others did, as he sat in a chair that was far too small for him by the looks of it. He held his drink in one hand and placed his other on the ledge next to it. Hao had been watching them from afar, seeking Yoh, who he bore a strong physical resemblance to. He came down from where he had been hiding, and began to introduce himself to the team as their future Shaman King. Horohoro made a smart comment directed at Hao, and attempted to attack him out of sheer anger at what he'd said, as he wanted to be Shaman King more than anyone, only to be slammed into a column, shattering it in front of his friends, where he then saw an enormous oversoul, Hao's. It was the great Spirit of Fire, a beast that he had never seen before, and that had a great amount of power behind it. Hao stated that, while he himself was difficult to anger, it could not be said the same for his guardian spirit.


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