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Great-niece of Harley's semi-retired superhero buddy, Sy Borgman. Hanna Borgman was born in Connecticut. Like many suburban kids, she became bored of the suburban life, and moved to Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Hannah is trying her best to live up to her Uncle's legacy as a super-spy and hero to all.

Major Story Arcs

Gang of Harleys

For more information see: Harley Quinn and Her Gang of Harleys

Hannah is with the Gang of Harleys when they fight the Hipster Mafia, and she is there when Harley Quinn goes missing. It is Hannah's idea to look for Harley at the Pizza Place in Brooklyn, but that is to no avail, due to the fact that Harley kidnapped herself.

Later when the Gang gets live feeds of their family and loved ones, Hanuquinn gets a video of her great uncle Sy. She rushes to Atlantic City to check on him, there she is attack by Rocking Randy, and assassin hired by Harley Sinn. With Sy's help she is able to throw Randy off the hotel balcony, but not before she gets cut badly.

Hanuquinn awakens days later in a hospital, the gang had saved Harley from a very real kidnapping. Hanuquinn then eats a whole pizza on her own, proving she is healthy once again.


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