Character » Hantengu appears in 37 issues.

    The Upper Moon 4. Has the ability to make clones based on his younger years and representing each emotion he had.

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    Hantengu was a liar since childhood often blaming others for his crimes and lied so many times he forgot his name, age, and background. He was also married with many wives and children but when they accuse him of scamming people he kills them all. He would continue this cycle of theft and murder until his crimes finally caught up to him and sentence to execution. There he met Muzan who transformed him into a demon and later escapes killing everybody. He would soon rise up to the Twelve Kizuki where he had his blood demon art that can make him split into different clones of himself that kills his enemies and protect him.

    His blood demon art allows him to become 7 different personas and powers.

    • Obie: The Main core emotion/body of Hantengu he is the embodiment of Hantengu's fear. If he is killed the other clones will also die.He is a smaller version of Hantengu's normal form.
    • Sekido: Representing Hantengu's anger he is the leader of the four main clones associated with the color red,the most serious, and his powers has him use lightning from his staff.
    • Karaku: Representing Hantengu's Pleasure he is the most laid back of the clones but also the most bloodthirsty. His associated color is green and he has a Green Fan that he can use to make wind.
    • Aizetsu: Representing Hantengu's sorrow, He is the most analytical and calm of the four main clones. He is associated with the color blue and his powers has him use his weapons for large attacks.
    • Urogi: Representing Hantengu's Joy, He is associated with the color yellow and resembles a harpy as well as being the most excited of the clones. He also has the ability to make sonic screams.
    • Zohakuten: Representing Hantegu's hatred, He is the most powerful of the clones being the fusion of Sekido, Karaku, Aizetsu, and Urogi. He looks like a child with the appearance of Rajin. He can use his drums to summon wood dragons and has the powers of the four clones as well. His Color is Gold.
    • Urami: Representing Hantengu's resentment, He is the largest of the clones resembles a larger more muscular version of Hantengu's normal form. Like Zohakuten he can use the other four clones abilities but to a much lesser extent.

    His name Hantengu is a homage to the famous Yokai Tengu as most of his forms are references to it. Zohakuten is more of a homage to To the Japanese thunder god Raijn.


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