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Origin and Creation  

Hansel and Gretel is a German fairy tale first collected by the Brothers Grimm and first published in 1812.    

Character Evolution and Major Story Arcs  

Grimm Fairy Tales Version  

In Grimm Fairy Tales, the story of Hansel and Gretel is modified to reflect the situation of the two siblings - Gina and Hank - Sela comes in contact with. In this version of the story, Gretel leaves her household after being fed up with her stepmother. Hansel follows, worried about his sister alone in the forest. He leaves a trail of breadcrumbs to help find their way back once Gretel came to her senses, but found the crumbs had been eaten by birds. They come across a cottage in the woods where a young woman lives and are invited in. Upon entering, they are given sweets and drink before they lay down to rest. Hansel soon found himself locked in a cage and his sister tied to a chair and gagged. The woman forced Hansel to eat while his sister did chores. While cleaning, Gretel stumbles upon a human skull and realizes they are in danger. She manages to steal the key to the cage to free Hansel, but before the two could make it out of the cottage they are confronted by the woman, who has changed into a grotesque monster. Hansel is caught by the witch and killed - his chest eaten out - before his sister managed to kill the witch by pushing her into the fireplace. 

Powers and Abilities  

Although the original story was more of a morality tale (as was the Grimm Fairy Tale version) the two nonetheless exhibit  degree of cunning.  

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