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Created by Gerry Finley-Day and Carlos Ezquerra, Hans Schmitt appears in the 2000AD series 'Fiends of the Eastern Front'.

Hans Schmitt was a German soldier in the Wehrmacht during World War II. Sent to the Russian front in 1941, he found himself exposed to the very literal horrors of war when he realised his unit's Romanian allies, who only fought at night, never left an enemy alive, and were feared beyond measure by the Russians, were vampires.

The Romanian troops' leader, Captain Constanta, soon learned Schmitt had divined his true nature, but made it clear the vampires had no intention of harming him as Romania and Germany were allies, though this did little to abate Schmitt's concerns, fears that proved justified when Romania changed sides.

The Germans were alerted to this shift in allegiances by a day time leaflet drop, but Hans was unable to convince his fellow soldiers to take his warnings about the Romanians' deadly nature seriously, and when night fell the vampires slaughtered most of his squad. Only Hans and his friend Karl Mueller survived, thanks to Hans' precautions, and they set out to try and destroy the vampires, preparing for vampire attack by day and trying to fend the undead off by night.

Eventually, after Karl and most of the vampires had been slain, Hans used a flamethrower to burn Constanta to ashes while the vampire was vulnerable, asleep in his coffin for the day. Hungry and alone, Hans stumbled along until he found an army encampment, but when he sought sanctuary, he discovered the inhabitants were dead, and was ambushed by Constanta, who had regenerated even after being reduced to ashes.

Feeling that slaying Hans was too simple a punishment, Constanta turned him into a vampire, then left him to fend for himself. After giving in to his thirst once and slaughtering some enemy soldiers, Hans concluded he could not continue this damned existence, and walled himself up in a Berlin basement, then wrote a diary to warn whoever found him of Constanta's evil. Once he had finished writing, Hans used one of the remaining silver bullets he and Karl had manufactured to slay Constanta's soldiers, and shot himself in the head, ending his unlife.

His remains and diary were discovered in 1980, and Hans' story allowed Inspector Brandt of the West Berlin police to deduce Constanta's current identity, and lure the vampire to his apparently final destruction.


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