Hannah Fairmont

    Character » Hannah Fairmont appears in 41 issues.

    Receptionist at Memorial Hospital and the love interest to Jake Olsen.

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    Hannah Fairmont was a typical receptionist at Memorial Hospital in Manhattan. A mother to her daughter Amanda, Hannah also was engaged to New York paramedic Jake Olson. One night both Jake and Hannah's lives were flipped upside down when the Asgardian-armored weapon the Destroyer began wrecking havoc in New York City. Although the Avengers were quick to the scene, many innocent civilians were hurt and needed medical attention. Jake would call Hannah and apologize in advance for being late, as he and his fellow paramedic Dimitrius sped to the wounded New Yorkers. Thor would be the last Avenger to arrive and immediately attacked the Destroyer, putting his body on the line to let the Avengers regroup and more innocents to escape the scene. The Destroyer would lethally wound Thor. Jake Olsen, whilst saving and rescuing lives at the scene, also would be mortally wounded. In the realm of Hela, the mysterious Marnot would appear and explain to Thor that he would be revived along with Jake Olsen but the two would now be bonded together. Dimitrius would inform Hannah that Jake had died rescuing people. Hannah would break down in tears at the news of her fiance's death.


    Hannah Fairmont is a Marvel Comics character first appearing in Thor #1 released in 1998. Hannah Fairmont was created by writer Dan Jurgens and illustrator John Romita Jr. She served as the romantic interest of Jake Olsen who at the time was the main character of the Thor title having been merged with Thor.

    Major Story Arcs

    Engaged to the God of Thunder

    Still upset and distraught over the loss of Jake, Hannah heads to his apartment to arrange things. Knowing she will struggle being in his apartment now that he is dead, she seems to hesitate. Wide-jawed in exclamation when she does enter his apartment, she sees Jake living, breathing and standing right in front of her. She is in disbelief and shock. She tries to make sense of the situation, but Jake appears as confused and disorientated as well. Hannah is unaware that she is actually talking to Thor, and Thor himself is unaware he is now inhabiting the mortal shell of paramedic Jake Olsen.

    Powers and Abilities

    Hannah Fairmont possesses no extraordinary powers or abilities. A typical human, she's skilled with computers.


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