Hank Bark

    Character » Hank Bark appears in 13 issues.

    Half of a brother and sister ghost hunting television series. Previously when he tried to run away from home his story was told in the form of Hansel and Gretel.

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    Current Events

    In Myths and Legends #24, Sela has subsequently escaped from prison and has joined forces once again with Samantha Darren, Marcus Jenkins and Britney Waters. A combined force of Venus, Baba Yaga, the Sea Witch, the Beast and Siren have gathered in Turkmenistan to free Helios from his prison in the sun. They have also taken Innocence as hostage, partially to draw on her power. Unexpectedly the Dark One shows up with his forces – Hank and Gina Bark, Morrigan, Patricia and Cindy. The two groups do battle until Baba Yaga’s spell is sufficiently weakened that it allows Innocence enough power to summon her allies. As they begin to do battle, Gina and Hank realize that the Dark One is not a benevolent factor in the proceeding and decide to switch sides, and Morrigan responds by attacking Hank, while the Dark One finishes the kill. Meanwhile Sela and Samantha deal with Cindy, who taunts them over the fact that she killed Shang. It is too late though as Baba manages to summon Helios. She is quickly subdued by Venus though who hands the control of Helios over to the Dark One, revealing that they had an agreement all along.


    He comes from an upbringing with a stern father and a step-mother that he thinks is uncaring towards her. He later learns a valuable lesson from Sela about the importance of family.


    He was first introduced in the Grimm Fairy Tales adaptation of Hansel and Gretel in issue 3.

    Character Evolution

    As the younger of the two he is often portrayed as more naive, though this comes off as skepticism at times.

    Major Story Arcs

    Hank and his sister Gina grow to be fed up with the authoritarian rule of their parents and decide to run away. In so doing they are picked up by Sela, who tells them the story of Hansel and Gretel. Though there are some similarities to the original story including the trail of bed crumbs and the discovery of the house in the forest inhabited by an evil witch, they meet a much more violent end than in the classic fairy tale. After hearing the story the two runaway teenagers decide it is better to head back home.

    The duo is later revealed to be working together some years later as part of a television investigative team that searches for ghosts.

    Powers and Abilities

    Hank is a telekinetic due to his falseblood heritage.


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