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With the left hand of a hanged man one made the Hand of Glory, a candle that allowed thieves to harmlessly enter into other people's houses. While the candles of the fingers stay lit, the hand's carrier either becomes invisible to the eyes of the inhabitants of the house, or they fall into a kind of deep sleep.


It is said that the first Hand of Glory was from a high-class woman, condemned to be hanged for witchcraft in 1700. Her left hand was cut off and perfectly mummified by the henchmen of a satanic English cult.

The evil power of the Hand forced the wretched who were in front of it to remain absolutely silent, as if in a trance until the hand were put away. Thus, during the XVI and XVII centuries, high-profile robberies were committed, most sacrilegious, in cathedrals and shrines, paralyzing the guards of these places with the power of the Hand.

The Hand of Glory was made with a candle between the fingers, and the satanic operator used it to promote physical and mental docility in the beautiful women destined to undergo to different and more morbid desires of their cult.

How to obtain a Hand of Glory

The Hand of Glory is a spell or curse that causes immobility, muteness and memory loss. Its creation is outlined in "Secrets of the Magie Merveilleux Cabalistique Naturelle du Petit et Albert" (a manual with tips esoteric).

"I confess that I have never tested the secret of the Hand of Glory, but I have attended three times to the judgment of certain wicked who confessed, under torture, having used the Hand of Glory in the robberies he had committed. Using the Hand of Glory is stunned and motionless leave who were present, in such a way that they remain as still as death. Is prepared as follows: take the right or left hand of a hanged exposed in a major way, is wrapped in a piece of cloth and pressed well mortuary, then placed in a clay pot with Zimat, nitrate, salt and pepper, all well pulverized leave for two weeks in the container, and then, after having removed, exposed to intense sun in midsummer, until thoroughly dry, and if the sun is not enough, is introduced in an oven to be heated with fern and vervain, then makes a kind of candle with the hanged man fat, beeswax, sesame and Ponie, and used that as a Hand of Glory chandelier to keep the candle burning, and all the places to be with so fatal instrument, found there remain immobile "

The wax of a candle in a Hand of Glory is replaced with a candle made of fat from the stolen hand, as well as beeswax, sesame, donkey dung and a braided wick made from the frayed rope used for hanging, but the wick could also be made with the hangman's own hair.

In the old days, anyone caught taking home a "hand of the great glory" was sentenced to be hanged immediately.


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