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Drunk, homeless, jack@$$....words that have never been used to describe a superhero, until now. Hancock follows the life of a hard living superhuman who has suddenly decided that he doesn't care what the public thinks of him and chooses to do things his own way. After saving the life of a public relations professional named Ray, he suddenly finds himself questioning his own morals as Ray attempts to change him and give him a better public image. Ray works tirelessly trying to show Hancock the way to the people's hearts. His plan includes Hancock turning himself into the police and actually gaining some proper manners. After a few weeks in prison the police commissioner decides he needs Hancock's help, which exactly what Hancock needs. He suddenly becomes and Icon of the city as he is now cleaned up and got his act together. Ray decides to celebrate the occasion by taking Hancock out to a nice dinner. After Ray drinks so much he can't drive home Hancock takes him home, at which point Hancock begins to fall for Ray's wife, Mary. As he goes in for a kiss Mary thrust Hancock out of the house revealing that Hancock is not the only one with powers. Finally after a short battle it is revealed that Mary is Hancock's wife, and that they are centuries old. It is also revealed that they are the last of their kind because all of the rest of their kind paired up and died, which reveals that if Hancock and Mary are close for to long their powers fade away giving them the opportunity to live normal lives. Eventually the man that Hancock put away last breaks free of prison and decides to end Hancock. The man nearly succeeds as both Hancock and Mary have lost most of their powers. 

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Great Concept & Actors, Mediocre Story & Everything Else 0

Hancock is a movie with a great concept and actors. What makes it falter and stumble is the lack of a credible storyline, a strong villain, and some mediocre special effects.All too often superheroes are portrayed as clean shaven, moralistic, and perfect. They had a brilliant idea in showing a real-world superhero who uses his powers in a drunken haze, often causing more damage than actual help. I laughed quite a bit at some of his more amusing antics from his impalement of an SUV on top of a bu...

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