Hana Yanowa

    Character » Hana Yanowa appears in 12 issues.

    Hana is a disgraced member of the Shosei order, a group of mystic guardians of Japan. When her twin sister Mana rose to become the leader of their clan, Hana left the order.

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    Hana and Mana Yanowa are twin sisters that were born into the Shosei Order in Japan in the mid 1800s. The Shosei are the mystic guardians of Japan, and have been protecting Japan from mystic sources of evil for over 800 years. The priestesses of this order are charged with the primary duty of protecting the people of Japan in secret using ancient magic. When a priestess fell in the line of duty another would rise up to take her place. When Mana and Hana were born only one was destine to rise up to take over leadership of the clan as a head priestess. As young children this rivalry would grow as the two worked to prove themselves more worthy than the other. Mana's mastery over the order's arts would exceed that of her sister and she would become the head priestess of the Shosei. This enraged Hana, causing her to turn her back on the clan.

    Outside of the clan Hana practiced the forbidden dark arts. Seeking to overthrow her sister and take control of the order Hana came back to fight her sister. Unable to defeat her sister Hana invoked the demon Ryuki to help her defeat her sister. Ryuki took control of Hana's body and planned to raise the Japanese dead to harvest souls to increase his power. In an act of desperation, Mana imprisoned Ryuki in her necklace (the Mark of Mana), however Mana and Hana's souls were also imprisoned in the gem. The bodies of Mana and Hana as well as the Mark of Mana were kept safe by the Shosei while they tried to discover a spell that would release Hana and Mana without releasing Ryuki.

    After decades of remaining in the Shosei's care members of a Ashurado cult that worshipped Ryuki stormed the Shosei temple and stole Hana's body and the Mark of Mana. Without Mana's body, however, they could not release Ryuki or Hana. Later the Mark of Mana was stolen from the Ashurado by Yukio on a tip. When Yukio began hearing voices from the mark Wolverine was called to Japan to investigate the necklace he inadvertently released Ryuki, Mana, and Hana from the Gem.

    Hana and Ryuki sought the Blade of Blood, a Shosei sword that is bathed in the blood of the deceased Shosei priestesses to harness the power of their souls, hoping that the blade contained enough souls to give Ryuki enough power to take over the world. Wolverine and Mana were able to weaken Ryuki enough to send him back to hell by coating Wolverine's claws in gold (Ryuki's only weakness). With both Hana and Ryuki weakened, Mana was able to kill Hana to prevent her from doing any more harm. 


    Hana Yanowa was created by Akira Yoshida and Shin Nagasawa in 2005 and first appeared in Wolverine: Soultaker # 1.


    Hana is experienced in the magic of the Shosei as well as the dark arts forbidden by the order. She has exhibited her powers in the form of blast powers, as well as raising demons from hell.


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