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    Part of Cable's old Six Pack. He used his knowledge of machines to create a one-man tank for himself.

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    Hammer, real name Eisenhower Hammer was a military man, and instructed though the US Army Corps of Engineers went on to receive a higher education at Stanford. Eventually this path lead him to Cable. Hammer was a mercenary with the Six Pack, Cable's team, alongside Domino, Grizzly, Garrison Kane, and G.W. Bridge. Eisenhower Hammer served for a decade in the US Army.


    Eisenhower Hammer was created by Fabian Nicieza and Rob Liefeld and first used in the X-Force series. The character first appears in X-Force #8.


    Hammer began as being able to walk in the early missions of the Wild Pack/Six Pack. He later became paralyzed and had to create vehicles that would enable him to move about.

    Mayor Story Arcs

    Six Pack

    Contracted by A.I.M., the Wild Pack (later changed to the Six Pack) infiltrate a HYDRA base in New Mexico. The objective is to retrieve a stolen energy fibrillator. Hammer shows his skill in combat, but shows his true genius in extracting the small component in twenty seconds. Those are important twenty seconds, as Baron von Strucker leaves a message for anyone who trips a triggering mechanism on the fibrillator that states twenty seconds is all the person has to live before a bomb goes off. Hammer, having removed the thing, asks Cable to bodyslide the team out. Turns out the fibrillator was a dud and A.I.M. was kind of using the Wild Pack, but the check they cut more than makes up for any problems the team has with how they were treated.

    On a mission to steal some data for common contractor Mr. Tolliver, the Six Pack is ambushed by Stryfe. As part of a deal, Stryfe offers to the let the team go if they gave up the data disc. Hammer wants to comply, but Cable shoots him in the back to keep the disc in his possession. This effort is wasted, as Stryfe gets the disc anyway. The complex explodes and Hammer, who is unable to move, is paralyzed after this incident. He lives with his mother. He resents Cable and tries to join with other former members of the Six Pack so as to kill the man who took his bodily freedom.

    He is able to use his mother's house as a base for recuperation and rebuilding himself. Using his computer hacking and voice activated technology, he is able to slowly rebuild his life to a point that revenge against Cable could be more possible. At some point, G.W. Bridge finds Hammer and gets a list of Cable's safehouses so as to arrest their mutually hated friend. Bridge fails.

    A short time later, Hammer is approached by Domino and Grizzly. They are looking for Cable's young X-Force team. Hammer joins, but only in hopes of finding Cable and taking him out. The trio breaks into Department K. Hammer stays in the Winnebago and directs the other two through the corridors to a records room. Domino dumps all the information they find into Hammer's drives. Weapon: PRIME attacks the two and Hammer leads the two out of the building by lying about an air conditioning vent. It turns out to be a sewage pipe. Domino and Grizzly make it out and Hammer effects their escape by turning the Winnebago into a flying rocket. The three then locate Copycat who exchanges her life for information on the latest X-Force base in Camp Verde, Arizona.

    Hammer comes into conflict with Cable again when the latter regains his space station and temporarily changes the skin color of everyone on Earth. Hammer begins worth closely with Bridge, S.H.I.E.L.D. and the X-Men.

    Eventually, with continued confrontations with Cable, past grievances are put to rest somewhat and the two are able to reconcile. Hammer is even offered a chance to walk again, but declines, not wanting to lose what humanity he felt he has.

    Powers and Abilities

    Though physically large and imposing in stature, Hammer is a gifted genius, particularly in mechanics, engineering and computing. Genius level intellect, with a photographic memory, after being paralyzed Hammer is able to compensate the loss of his physical mobility with the aid of many inventions. With an exoskeleton allowing him to lift in the 2 ton range, it is also weaponized with magnetic clamps that could neutralize bionics and various other functions. Prior to his loss of physical mobility, Hammer was an exceptional fighter.

    Physical Characteristics

    Height: 6'9"

    Weight: 220 lbs

    Eyes: Brown

    Hair: Black


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