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    A traveling circus that was once home to the Flying Graysons, and is currently owned by their son, Dick Grayson.

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    Haly's Circus, more completely referred to as C.C. Haly and Norton Bros. Circus, and occasionally known as Haley's Circus, was formed by CC Haly and the Norton Brothers. It is a typical travelling circus that has been known to perform in the United States and Europe, and hosts a variety of performers, including acrobats, jugglers, and trained animals. The Circus' most notable performers were the trapeze act known as the Flying Graysons.


    Haly's Circus was created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger.

    Major Story Arcs

    The Flying Graysons

    Haly's Circus travels into Gotham, where they are set to perform. The ringmaster is confronted by Anthony Zucco and Edward Skeevers, who demand protection money from the Circus as well as the use of their trucks to transport drugs. When the ringmaster refuses to give into their threats, Zucco and Skeevers sabotage the trapezes of the Circus' most popular act, the Flying Graysons. This causes the elder Graysons, John and Mary, to plunge to their deaths, leaving their son Dick Grayson orphaned. Batman assists the Circus on behalf of Grayson, who he adopts, helping to expose Zucco's part in the tragedy and free the Circus from the threat.

    The Court of Owls

    The Circus is revealed to have ties with the mysterious Court of Owls which controls Gotham from the shadows. The Court selects the best of the Circus' youth and trains them to become the next Talon. This practice has been going on for an indeterminate number of years, presumably several decades. Grayson was selected as a Talon, but was adopted by Bruce Wayne before he could be formally recruited.


    One of the Court's rejected Talons, Raymond, takes on the identity of Saiko and makes it his mission to destroy the Circus in retribution for what he suffered at the hands of the Court. He also targets Dick Grayson, who he blames for his misfortunes. In collusion with Raya Vestri and Bryan Haly, Saiko causes the death of Mr Haly, the owner of the Circus, and comes close to destroying the Circus completely. He is prevented from doing so by Grayson. The ownership of the Circus then passes to Grayson.

    Alternate Versions


    In the Flashpoint universe, Haley's Circus is home to the Graysons, Boston Brand, Doctor Fate, King Shark, and Ragdoll, among others. The Circus, travelling through Europe and fleeing the war, is attacked by the Amazons who are searching for the Helm of Nabu. The members of the Circus scatter, and several of them die in the attack or its aftermath.

    Other Media


    The DCAU

    Haly's Circus appears in the Batman: the Animated Series episode "Robin's Reckoning Part 1", which details Dick Grayson's origin.

    Teen Titans

    The Grayson's deaths, and by extension the Circus, appears briefly in a flashback in the episode "Haunted".

    The Batman

    The Circus appears in the episode "A Matter of Family", which features Grayson's origin.

    Young Justice

    The members of Young Justice go undercover in the Circus in the episode "Performance" to investigate a weapons thief.


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