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Worth It...

Having read the series beforehand, Boot Camp, I had great expectations from this series. Surprisingly, they did Halo up nice and fine. This series gets you interested not only in the perspective of the SPARTAN II's, but also the perspective of Jacob Keyes. The story follows closely (not exactly) to the original novel The Fall of Reach.

The Good:

Artwork is well done, and I can get a feel for the environment within the story. Characters act as they should, and the dialogue is appropriate (no unnecessary chatting or fraternizing). The story ends, albeit quite abruptly, but leads us into the next phase with greater expectations...

The Bad:

Much of what I was expecting to see wasn't there, or was not portrayed as I had imagined it would be. The engagement with the hunters, for example, was a bit lacking in my mind, but still worth reading. The ending was predictable and expected though it won't be found in the novel, and could have been done up a bit better.

Verdict: Halo Fans/Fanatics, you will not be disappointed, unless you already are, then disregard my opinion and wait for Halo 4 to come out. Regardless, the series is getting better with every new issue, but I'm finding it hard to actually find local vendors who sell this series. may be your best bet. Now all I've got to do is wait until Invasion is released, then we'll have something to really talk about.

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