Hallow's Eve

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    Ben Reilly's girlfriend and the villainess known as Hallow's Eve.

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    After years of abuse at the hands of her father, Elizabeth killed him in self-defense. Afterward, she fled to Utah and changed her name to “Janine Godbe.” She settled in Salt Lake City and got a job as a diner waitress.


    Elizabeth made her debut in Spider-Man: The Lost Years #1 by J.M. DeMatteis and John Romita Jr. using the name Janine Godbe.

    Major Story Arcs

    The Lost Years of Ben Reilly

    Ben shows up to Janine's
    Ben shows up to Janine's

    One day, Ben Reilly, who had hit the road to find himself after figuring out he was a clone of Spider-Man, wandered into her diner. He asked her out, in part due to her likeness to Mary Jane, but his urge to do the right thing put pressure on their developing romance. Eventually, he showed up to her place battered and bleeding, and the two grew closer by sharing and eventually accepting each other for their pasts.

    The two decided to leave Utah for a fresh start in Santa Cruz, but they were eventually tracked down by a jealous Kaine. Janine was kidnapped by Kaine, who was able to convince her that Ben was better off without her. So, Janine decided to fake her death by suicide to drive Ben away. Years later, while Ben was active as Spider-Man in New York City, Janine was tricked into reaching out to him by Kaine. Kaine was playing with Ben, and when he stood up to Kaine, she was inspired by his words to confess to the police and take responsibility for the murder of her father.


    Beyond's Spider-Man rescuing Janine
    Beyond's Spider-Man rescuing Janine

    After serving many years in a traditional prison, Janine was transferred to a private minimum security prison owned and operated by the Beyond Corporation. It was actually a penthouse in Beyond’s new New York City headquarters, which was part of a deal Beyond made with Ben Reilly, to be their new sponsored Spider-Man. Janine was very suspicious of Beyond’s too-good-to-be-true deal, but her concerns mostly fell on deaf ears to Ben.

    As soon as Ben started having his own suspicions, he swiped a Beyond hard drive and slipped it to Janine. While he was in his corporate mandated therapy sessions, Janine worked on unlocking the information inside of it. She found that the recent surge in supervillain activity was due to The Beyond Corporation, who were using Ben to clean up their messes and take credit for stopping the threats. With this new info, she sneaks out of Beyond Tower to ask Mary Jane for help. Unfortunately, Beyond sent the new villain Queen Goblin, who was actually Dr. Ashley Kafka, Ben’ therapist, destroys the hard drive. Although the drive was successfully destroyed, Janine was rescued by Ben. After telling him what she found, Ben informed her that Beyond had also been editing his memories.

    In anger, Ben attacked Beyond Tower, while Janine sought out the real Spider-Man to stop Ben for his own good. Unwilling not to help, she went to Beyond and was able to save their Beyond contact, Marcus, from armed Beyond guards. Meanwhile, Ben had created enough chaos that Beyond initiated their cover-up protocols, using a psycho-active chemical to erase Beyond resources from Earth-616. Janine escaped, but Ben was not as lucky.

    She later found him in the sewer having been changed by the chemical and calling himself Chasm.

    Dark Web

    Janine with the new goblin leader
    Janine with the new goblin leader

    Janine was living with Ben, who was raiding Beyond safe houses for tech that might return his memories to him. Instead, he assembled a gateway to Limbo where he made an alliance with Madelyne Pryor to steal memories back from the real Peter Parker. Janine was against the idea and was even thinking about leaving Ben until Pryor gave her demonic abilities under the new code name Hallow’s Eve. Just like she was forced to wear many masks as a fugitive, she was granted new monster masks that could change her abilities while wearing them.

    Because Pryor made a deal not to attack any mutant stronghold, she manipulated Eddie Brock into doing it for her. Janine was tasked with following him to use his attack on the X-Men's Central Park Tree House as a distraction to sneak in. She steals a new portable Cerebro Drive to carry up to ten mutant mind-scans for the resurrection protocols. to carry Spider-Man's memories before they could be granted to Ben.

    However, Madelyne turned on Ben when Jean Grey telepathically shared the memories of raising Cable. This caused the tree to wither. Janine refused to stand down though. She stole Madelyne's demon scythe and gave it to Ben, transforming him into the new goblin king, with increased size, wings, and control of the goblin army. With the help of X-Men and Spider-Man, Madelyne was able to use a show of force to convince the demon army to stay with her. Seeing their imminent demise, Ben used the scythe to teleport Janine to safety before he was disarmed and imprisoned in Limbo.

    According to Spider-Man, her current whereabouts are unknown.

    Werewolf Problem

    With her face plastered all over New York after the events of Dark Web, Janine tried to lay low. Using her collection of masks, she tried to rob a bank to tide her over, but she was caught by a security guard, Simon Carter. Using her werewolf mask to make her escape, she accidentally turned Carter into a werewolf. As he lost control of his powers, he got the attention of the remnants of the Beyond Corporation, still led by Maxine Danger, who had an interest in werewolves. Janine tried to find him before Beyond could, knowing what kind of torture and experimentation was in store for Carter.

    Janine was able to get to him just before Maxine, using the power of her masks to reverse his transformation. At this point, Maxine was no longer interested in Simon's lycnathropy but rather Janine's masks. She was able to swipe them and hand them out to her security detail, allowing them to unleash on the streets of New York. Janine helped herself to the werewolf one. Armed with her vampire and witch masks, Janine was able to stop the security detail and de-mask Maxine.

    Powers & Abilities

    Janine's masks
    Janine's masks

    Demonic Shapeshifter: Named after the holiday, Halloween, Janine is capable of taking on the appearance and abilities of the Halloween mask she wears.

    • Frankenstein Mask: Increases her size slightly and her strength exponentially
    • Witch Mask: Grants her the ability to curse people
    • Vampire Mask: Grants her vampiric abilities
    • Insect Mask: Spider-Man like abilities and a pair of wings
    • Werewolf Mask: Transforms her into a werewolf with feral strength and physical characteristics.
    • Model Mask: The looks of a Hollywood icon.
    • Ghost Mask: Intangibility and invisibility
    • Black Cat Mask: Speed and agility of a cat
    • Mummy Mask: Projectile wrappings
    • Captain America Mask: Enhanced strength and agility of a super soldier, along with a shield. Also makes her taller.
    • Hulk Mask: Greatly enhanced strength and durability of a Hulk. Also makes her much taller.

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