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    The headquarters for the Injustice League.

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    The Hall of Doom was the secret headquarters of the modern incarnation of the Injustice League. Nestled somewhere in a hidden location in the middle of Slaughter Swamp, the Hall of Doom stood as the counterpart to the Justice League's Washington-based headquarters, the Hall of Justice. The League used this base for only a brief period of time. During the "Lightning Saga", it became a temporary haven for the time-displaced Triplicate Girl who encountered the Justice Society of America and the Justice League of America while on a mission for her own team, the Legion of Super-Heroes.


    In Other Media

    Super Friends

    In the continuity of the Challenge of the Super Friends animated series, the Hall of Doom was the headquarters of the Legion of Doom (also led by Lex Luthor). This domed headquarters was situated beneath the waters of the swamps and would rise above the muck whenever official Legion meetings were held. The Hall of Doom was fitted with rocket thrusters beneath its foundation, granting it VTOL flight capabilities.

    DC Universe Online

    The headquarters for the Secret Society of Super-Villains, led by Circe, Lex Luthor and the Joker, the Hall of Doom is a secret villain base submerged deep within the waters of Slaughter Swamp.

    Designed and built by Luthor's LexCorp resources, the Hall is connected to various nightclubs around Gotham City and Metropolis via teleportation systems.

    In-Game History

    Following the influx of villains on Earth thanks to Future Lex Luthor's exobytes, the Hall was renovated to accommodate for the new recruits; creating individual wings that catered to either Meta, Magic or Tech based villains.

    In a teleportation accident while within the besieged Daily Planet Building, Superman teleports into the Hall of Doom and is captured. A fellow hero must enter the Hall after him and free him from the Society.


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