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Originally know as Giant, Peter Moran was a seventeen year old boy tranformed into a super powered being by Henry Bendix, former weatherman. However Peter never was the most wised guy with the use of his powers: short tempered, vain and incompetent, he was more worried in killing the "bad guy" than help other people, carelessly damaging property and innocent bystanders with his irresponsable display of prowess.

He frequently clashed with Stormwatch (team Achilles iteration) and with their weatherman Benito Santini, usually to spoil succesful operation o to make more complicated delicate situations, if not thrash them completely. However, in despite of his amazing post human abilities, Santini always was capable to keep the hyper-steroidal teenager at bay. Mainly, by ignore him. And by threating him with making explode the fail safe than Henry Bendix built in his brain.

However, as an agent of Ivana Baiul, Giant was a thorn in the side of Santini for a lot of time, interferring in his missions and ruining everything.

After the Coup D'Etat Giant deflected the USA soil and enter to work as a sponsored superhero, working for Hallibusker Construction (along with Bauil). During that period he clashed again with Santini and the Authority, but Hallibastard was not the wiser then.

For a brief time he was leader of the Homeland Security Squadron. But his leadership abilites weren't notable enough to save at least half of the team.

Powers and Abilities

Halibastar was a genetically altered 17 year old human which were given the powers of near invulnerability, enhaced senses, focus optical bio-energy (heat vision), and alteration of gravitonic field (fly). The augmentations made by Bendix included a shut-up system to make explode Halibastard's brain, as a fail-safe.


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