Location » Halfworld appears in 31 issues.

    Located in the Keystone Quadrant, Halfworld was once an insane asylum populated by humanoids, sentient robots and sentient animals

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    A group of psychologists landed on an empty planet to conduct research and create a cure for their insane patients. Eventually, the lost their funding and left the planet to the insane and their robots and pets to care for and entertain them. They set up a Galacian Wall to shield the planet from outsiders and prevent any escape. 

    Over time, the generations remained insane but the robots progressed due to radiation from a nova. The robots gave sentience to the animals and left them with the people, now known as the Loonies. The robots populated one half of the planet, thus giving it the name Halfworld. 

    Halfworld is the home planet of Rocket Raccoon who was charged with protecting the Loonies. There were also two rival toy companies that supplied toys to amuse the Loonies. Eventually war would break out between the owners, Lord Dyvyne and Judson Jakes. At the end of the war, the Loonies were cured by the robots of their insanity, and the robots and animals left the planet in a specially designed ship. 

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